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Disputes – Commercial Debt Recovery

Disputes – Commercial Debt Recovery

The collection and enforcement of debts is fraught with potential pitfalls; careful case strategy and provision of information on enforcement options may be vital.

Our expertise in this field enables us to advise you in all aspects of commercial debt litigation, whether this is pursued by way of issuing proceedings and/or by statutory demand and petition for the winding up of a company or for the bankruptcy of an individual.

At Palmers Solicitors we recognise that sometimes commercial debt litigation can be an expensive and time consuming process. To assist with the commercial debt recovery process we have therefore developed the commercial debt recovery scheme which is designed to take away some of the hassle of your day-to-day businesses debt recovery and to maintain a proportionality of costs. Please click this link to read more.

Our range of services include:

  • Financial concerns resulting from company disputes or breach of contract
  • Issue and service of debt recovery proceedings
  • issue and service of statutory demands
  • issue and service of winding-up petitions
  • advice and representation in insolvency proceedings
  • advice and representation on court proceedings
  • advice and representation on enforcement of judgements
  • Mediation
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