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Employee Incentives and Share Schemes

In today’s competitive world, many companies choose to offer additional benefits rather than pay increases, to encourage staff loyalty.

High staff retention not only saves your business money but can also greatly contribute to the success or failure of your organisation.

Employee share schemes, in particular, are popular with business owners and staff alike with a range of options including ‘gifting’ free shares to employees, granting them options to buy shares at a specified price after a certain period of time, or offering employees an incentive to buy shares by matching with free ones.

The team at Palmers Solicitors can deal with all aspects of the share incentive process on your behalf, including in particular setting one up and liaising with your staff on the same.

We can also help you to select the most appropriate share incentive scheme for your business and advise you on the benefits and potential drawbacks of:

  • Company Share Option Plans (CSOP)
  • Save As You Earn (SAYE)
  • Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI)
  • Share Incentive Plans (SIP)
  • Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)
  • Joint Share Ownership Plans (JSOP)
  • Growth Shares

For help and advice in setting up an employee share incentive scheme, get in touch with our company commercial legal experts.

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