Trainee Solicitor careers in Essex - Palmers Solicitors
Trainee Roles

Trainee Roles

Our trainee policy is to seek friendly, well organised and enterprising people who enjoy responsibility. We do not seek to recruit externally without seriously considering our present staff for promotion. The training contract should be considered as the first period of a long relationship. You will experience both a variety of work in different departments of the company under the direction of the relevant director as well as being subject to regular review meetings with the training director. In addition to the Professional Skills Course which is taken externally and is, of course, funded, you will be encouraged to attend other relevant courses.

We are interested in attracting applications from 2:1 candidates who possess a practical and commercial approach to problem solving combined with a client centred approach and an ability to work effectively in a team.

Whilst it is our aim to offer all our trainees a job at the end of their training contract, a job offer depends on a number of factors, not least performance during the training contract and the availability of jobs within any particular department.

Training Contracts

We recruit trainee solicitors based upon our business needs.

If you are interested in the possibility of a training contract at Palmers Solicitors, please contact us at and request a form and brochure or alternatively ask for Gemma Bell (Administration Officer) at the Basildon office (01268 240000).

Vacation schemes

We have chosen our students for this years work experience but if you wish to apply for next year please contact us at