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Disputes – Debt & Insolvency

Disputes – Debt & Insolvency

The collection and enforcement of debts is fraught with potential pitfalls; careful case strategy and provision of information on enforcement options may be vital.

Our expertise in this field enables us to advise you in all aspects of debt litigation, whether this is pursued by way of standard court claim or by statutory demand and petition, for the winding up of a company or for the bankruptcy of an individual.

We are experienced in advising in insolvency situations, whether we are acting on behalf of insolvency practitioners or on behalf of affected creditors or others.

Our lawyers specialise in bankruptcy and  debt litigation and will be able to assist you, both in deciding which procedure is most likely to result in the recovery of money owed and in all aspects of insolvent estate administration, whether personal or corporate.

Our range of services include:

  • issue and service of statutory demands
  • issue and service of winding-up petitions
  • advice on individual voluntary arrangements
  • advice on company voluntary arrangements
  • advice and representation in insolvency proceedings
  • advice and representation on court claims
  • advice and representation on enforcement of judgements
  • Mediation

Our Commercial Property team is also able to assist in property-related aspects of insolvency, including:

  • Advice on impact of insolvency on residential and commercial property ownership
  • Disposal of freehold, leasehold and, with the company-commercial team, business assets on behalf of Insolvency Practitioners
  • Transfer of equitable interests in properties to existing part-owners of properties and to third parties
  • Advising all parties affected by matters of insolvency in property-related matters.  This includes not only Insolvency Practitioners, but also tenants whose landlords are in financial problems, landlords whose tenants are in financial difficulties and co-owners.

Insolvency practitioner, Ian Robert of Kingston Smith LLP said: “My department specialises in providing formal insolvency advice to corporates and individuals and Palmers Solicitors handles property conveyancing on our behalf, as part of that process.

“We get along because Palmers Solicitors actually do what they say they will do – which is not a given in business”.

For Insolvency and Recovery Advice:

Associate Solicitor
Commercial Hub, Basildon
Head of Personal Litigation
Commercial Hub, Basildon
Associate Solicitor
Commercial Hub, Basildon
Supervising Director, Litigation Team, Debt Recovery & Employment
Commercial hub, Basildon
Head of Commercial Litigation
Commercial hub, Basildon



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