New Year blues prompt one in five to look for new job - Palmers Solicitors

New Year blues prompt one in five to look for new job

It is often said that ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and, after the Christmas and New Year break, many people returning to work in January are no longer content to put up with poor management, low pay and a lack of appreciation.

It has been estimated that nearly half of the UK workforce will be looking for new jobs in 2016, with one in five workers already actively job hunting. According to new research from Investors in People:

  • 49% of people are looking to move jobs as the economy improves
  • Workers are citing poor management and not feeling valued as reasons to move
  • ‘Better pay’ drops to third place in ‘unhappiness factors’

The findings are highlighted in a new report: “Job Exodus Trends 2016” which shows that almost one fifth of employees across the country are complaining of high workloads, nearly a quarter are concerned by a lack of career progressionand over a quarter are unhappy with their levels of pay, prompting a potential mass exodus.

In fact, nearly a third of employees say they are miserable in their jobs – due to a combination of poor management and not feeling valued.

Lara Murray, an associate solicitor in Palmers’ employment team, said: “It is interesting to note from the report that ‘unsatisfactory pay’ was only the third most common reason why employees claimed they were unhappy in their current roles. Whilst pay is important to employees, it is clear that it is not the answer to all their problems and being badly managed and undervalued in the workplace are seen as causing far more unhappiness.

“Although for many people a new job and a fresh start are what’s needed, equally an employee should not feel cornered into quitting their job because of management issues.

“If something is troubling you at work then you should get advice on your rights. We understand that work problems can build and it is sometimes too much to handle alone. For employment advice and support please contact us.”