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Medical Negligence

A serious injury or the death of a loved one as a result of a medical error, is devastating and can be incredibly hard to deal with alone.

We can help you to pursue a complaint against a hospital, GP, private doctor, dentist or other medical professional whose care has fallen short of acceptable standards, resulting in harm.

Medical negligence can happen at any stage of the care process, including:

  • A wrong diagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Delay in diagnosis and treatment
  • Incorrect treatment
  • Incomplete treatment
  • Substandard surgery
  • Problems resulting from cosmetic surgery including cosmetic dentistry
  • Dispensing incorrect medication
  • Breach of general duty

Our team will work with you to get the answers you need and compensation to help improve the quality of your life.

The value of your claim will depend on many factors and will take into account pain and suffering, the cost of any care you are likely to need now or in the future, special equipment or adaptions to the home, loss of wages, as well as other aspects that affect you such as ‘‘loss of enjoyment of a particular aspect of your life” or “emotional suffering.”

Where a death has occurred as a result of medical negligence, the financial impact of any dependants will be taken into consideration.

Medical negligence claims are often complex, so it is important to seek legal advice from someone who specialises in this area of law as early as possible.

We can advise you on the best route forward, depending on what has happened.

If you would like to get in touch with a member of our medical negligence team, call us now and we will be happy to speak to you by phone or arrange an informal meeting either at our office or at your home.

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