Workplace bullying highlighted by TUC - Palmers Solicitors

Workplace bullying highlighted by TUC

The TUC is carrying out new research into bullying during November – anti-bullying month.

It wants to find out the scale and the effects of the problem.

Among examples of bullying experienced by victims, the TUC lists:

  • being shouted at or humiliated in front of their colleagues;
  • having their work unfairly and repeatedly criticised;
  • being constantly undermined;
  • being separated from their teams;
  • having decent work withheld from them;
  • having gossip spread about them behind their back.

A TUC spokesperson said: “Bullying in the workplace can take many forms and the results can be devastating for the victim’s physical and mental health.”

Lara Murray is an employment law specialist at Palmers. She said: “This is a timely reminder of the behaviour which constitutes bullying, which, in certain circumstances, is actionable.

“Quite often, those who engage in such behaviour will not realise that they are bullies. They could be so used to their default setting, they do not appreciate its effect on others, or the potential consequences. However, it is the victim’s perception of the treatment complained of that will be considered by a Tribunal.

“Employers need to keep on top of these issues, recognising whether they personally behave poorly, or do not take seriously complaints about others.

“Anyone uncertain of the standards they should uphold, or unsure of the line between what is acceptable and what is not, should seek expert advice. To discuss the range of services we can provide, please contact us.”