Woodchip ‘turns off potential buyers’ - Palmers Solicitors

Woodchip ‘turns off potential buyers’

Woodchip wallpaper and mirrored ceilings have been revealed as two of the top factors putting prospective purchasers off making an offer on a new property.

A survey carried out by needaproperty.com of 2,000 prospective buyers found that more than half (52 per cent) of prospective buyers said cosmetic details were more important than practical ones when it came to buying a house.

Heading the list of decorative turn-offs was woodchip wallpaper (39 per cent), followed by mirrored ceilings (36 per cent) and an avocado bathroom suite (31 per cent).

When it comes to the factors that attracted buyers, the results, published on 3 April, suggest that 27 per cent of buyers would pay more than the asking price for a house if it had many attractive features.

The most desirable was a fitted kitchen (named by 36 per cent of survey respondents), closely followed by granite kitchen surfaces (31 per cent) and wooden floors (23 per cent).

Clare Butcher, an associate solicitor at Palmers specialising in residential property, said: “When you are buying a house, there are many issues to be borne in mind and everyone will have different priorities.

“For some people, the existing interior design of a property may be an important factor in whether they make an offer while other buyers will be happy to consider a property regardless of dated décor or the colour of the bathroom suite, because they can rip it all out and start afresh. If features like those are putting off other buyers, they might even be able to negotiate a lower purchase price.

“One issue that should always be a priority for any buyer is to work with an experienced property solicitor, who can provide expert support throughout the purchase process. At Palmers, we offer a fast and cost-efficient conveyancing service, provided by a team that understands the frustrations and stresses of property transactions and provides practical, proactive support at every stage. For more information, please contact our Property team.”