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During the Coronavirus lockdown, there was a surge in Will enquiries. Despite social distancing and working home rules, our team of private client lawyers were able to satisfy demand – taking instructions remotely and, in some instances, arranging for the signing of Wills to be witnessed through a client’s window! It really has been the case that “where there is a Will, there is a way.”

If you have yet to make a Will, or you need to rewrite a previous Will, perhaps because you have experienced a major life event such as remarriage, the death of a spouse, or the birth of children or grandchildren, it is important not to put things off until ‘another day’ but to take action now.

As social distancing measures reduce over the coming weeks and months we hope to be able to resume with face to face meetings but, in the interim, we are able to offer a remote, personalised Will writing service.

If you have an existing Will, speak to us about a Will Review to ensure that any changes in your personal circumstances have not affected the validity of your Will or your intentions in terms of bequests. We will also review whether your intended beneficiaries may be at risk of paying Inheritance Tax and we will work with you to mitigate this tax burden so that you have peace of mind that you will pass on more of your hard earned assets to your loved ones.

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