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Test your employment law knowledge

Employment law is particularly complex and there are many rules and regulations which could potentially trip up an unwary employer and lead to a claim for unfair dismissal or accusations of gender, disability, religious or racial discrimination.

Do you think you are up to the speed with the latest employment regulations? Why not take the first in our series of employment law quizzes to find out.

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How did you do? If you managed to answer all five questions correctly – very well done! However, if you got one or more answers wrong, don’t panic; employment law has become so complex in recent years, that it can be something of a minefield for employers.

Complying with all the relevant legislation relating to conduct and performance issues, developing and implementing a selection process for redundancies and ensuring there is no discrimination within the business all have to be taken care of.

At Palmers, our team of employment law experts can help guide you through these complexities. To find out more, please contact us.