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Spending gap between state and private education sectors widens

Spending gap between state and private education sectors widens

New research has revealed that the gap in per-pupil spending between the state and private sectors has almost doubled in the past 10 years.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies, which carried out the research, found that average independent school fees, which stands at around 13,600 per year are over 90 per cent higher than the £7,100 spent on state-school pupils during the current school year.

This compares with a spending gap of just 39 per cent a decade ago.

Researchers discovered that independent school fees have typically increased year on year, by around 20 per cent more than inflation rates. However, schools in the state sector have seen their per-pupil funding fall by around 9 per cent in real terms.

Responding to the report’s findings, Association of School and College Leaders General Secretary, Geoff Barton, said: “It is pretty outrageous that the Government has cut funding in real terms to schools and colleges over the past decade, while independent school fees have increased over the same period.

“The funding gap between the two sectors has always been there of course but the fact it has widened to such a huge extent does stick in the throat.

“Surely the Government should want the same opportunities for all children and young people.

“It may be naive to think that state education funding could match the independent sector, but it surely shouldn’t actually go into reverse.”

Palmers Solicitors’ Director, Luke Morgan, said: “Schools in both the state and independent sector have struggled with the ongoing financial impact of Covid-19.

“It is therefore important to seek advice and practical support from specialist advisors who can provide guidance on a range of measures that will help your school not only survive but also thrive in the long-term.”

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  • Charitable and trust requirements
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  • Due diligence for schools considering a M&A
  • Securing equity funding

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