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Boundary Disputes

One of the most common property disputes involves disagreements relating to the boundary of a property.

Where does my land end and my neighbour’s begin?

Who is responsible for cutting this hedge or replacing that fence?

Does this tree belong to me and and does my neighbour have the right to prune it or chop it down?

Is the extension my neighbour is planning to build, liable to encroach upon my boundary or restrict my right to light?

At Palmers Solicitors, our dispute team are happy to explain your rights relating to boundary disagreements and help you resolve them as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible.

Many disputes arise because a large number of title plans do not show exact boundaries. Our solicitors can help you by applying to have the title plans corrected if you feel there has been an error. We can also assist by drawing up a boundary agreement or an application for a determined boundary for the avoidance of any uncertainty in the future.

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