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Divorce and dissolution children

When a relationship ends in divorce or dissolution, the welfare of any children involved is paramount, as is reflected in the Children Act 1989.

During what will be a difficult and stressful time, most parents will want to put their differences aside to agree arrangements that are best for their children.

The courts are unlikely to interfere in a voluntary arrangement, as the law considers that these are more likely to succeed than those imposed by the court. However, when a voluntary agreement cannot be reached, the involvement of family law experts, like the Palmers Solicitors team, can help by providing objective advice to clarify issues and identify ways to resolve differences.

We can also assist if it does become necessary to apply to the court  for an order, such as a  child arrangements order, involving arrangements about where a child or children will live or about the time spent with an absent parent , including writing or talking to the child over the phone.

Orders can also be made to allow contact between the child and other relatives, such as grandparents.

Any proceedings involving children are likely to be stressful and emotionally demanding, but the Palmers Solicitors’ family law team help you by providing practical, professional advice that is designed to help you reach a solution that is in your children’s best interests.

Even if you feel that you have no alternative but to go to court, the experience of our family law specialists may help you to achieve a satisfactory outcome before it goes that far.

For more information on our same sex marriage and civil partnership legal services, please contact Palmers Solicitors’ family law team in Essex.

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