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Are you facing redundancy at work?  Have you been made redundant without a proper consultation?  Have you been unfairly selected by your employer?  Did your employer pay the correct redundancy pay?

Being made redundant can be an uncertain and stressful experience.  Redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal the reasons for which can include:

  • new technology or a new system which has made your job unnecessary;
  • the job you were hired for no longer exists;
  • the need to cut costs means staff numbers must be reduced; or
  • the business is closing down or moving.

The process can be long and drawn out, and if your employer does not follow the rules correctly the situation is made worse. There should be a fair selection process to decide who is made redundant, and this can often lead to discrimination – for example where all the older staff are dismissed.  If you have more than two years’ service you are also entitled to a statutory redundancy payment based on your length of service and will be protected against unfair dismissal.

If you have been made redundant, or are under threat of redundancy we can provide expert advice and assistance at every stage, including identifying any discrimination you have suffered, issuing your claim, preparing your case and negotiating with the other side.

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