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Family rights and flexible working

Family rights and flexible working

Are you experiencing issues with your employer regarding maternity, paternity, shared parental or adoption leave?  Do you need time off work to deal with a family emergency?  Would you like to change your working hours to suit your family arrangements?

Family life can be difficult to balance with a full time job but making the choice to start a family should not impact your employment. In today’s society it is common for both parents to work, and many employers recognise that flexibility can motivate staff.  Your employer may offer formal or informal arrangements, but if they refuse to accommodate you it is important to understand your rights. There are rights and protections embedded in the law and your contract to ensure that you are safeguarded. These include:

  • maternity leave and pay;
  • paternity leave and pay;
  • rights to flexible working;
  • shared adoption and parental leave;
  • part-time working; and
  • time off for dependants

If you feel as if your family friendly rights have been brought into question then it is essential you seek expert legal advice. We can assist you on the type of case you have and determine what grounds you have to challenge your employer.

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