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Queen’s Speech sets out Government’s intentions for residential property

Queen’s Speech sets out Government’s intentions for residential property

The recent Queen’s Speech contained plenty of measures affecting different aspects of residential property, spanning everything from planning to the rights of landlords to evict tenants in different circumstances and further leasehold reform.

Here, Nicola Tubbs, a Director and Head of Residential Property at Palmers, provides a short summary of the proposed measures:


Some of the most eye-catching measures announced in the Queen’s Speech concerned planning reform, including a measure in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill that would allow for street votes on proposed extensions in certain circumstances and subject to certain rules.

The Government has not yet expanded on the proposal, with the guidance notes to the Bill saying that the detail will be provided for in secondary legislation, so it may take some time before this policy comes into effect.


The proposed Renters Reform Bill will provide for the abolition of ‘no-fault’ section 21 evictions, meaning it will no longer be possible for landlords to evict tenants without giving reasons for doing so, such as breach of the tenancy agreement, selling the property or occupying it themselves. At the same time, the Government says it will include measures in the Bill to strengthen landlords’ rights of possession.

Leasehold reform

The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 was already due to come into effect on 30 June. This will prevent freeholders from charging ground rent on new long residential leases.

Now, the Government says it will:

  • Simplify the process of extending a lease or buying the freehold
  • Ensure leaseholders have more information about what costs cover so they aren’t subject to unjustified legal costs
  • Ban new leasehold houses
  • Reform commonhold as an alternative to leasehold.

The next stages in leasehold reform may not follow quickly, however, as no Bill to enact the proposed changes has been announced.

If any of the new measures impact you and you require additional advice, please get in touch with our expert team.