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The Coronavirus pandemic has sadly resulted in an increase in the number of people who have been left with the sad duty of dealing with probate and the administration of a relative’s estate.

In situations where you may still be self-isolating or have personal health issues, the burden of sorting out probate may seem too heavy a burden to deal with alone.

Our sympathetic and experienced estate administration team can take on this work on your behalf.

We are able to arrange the Grant of Representation – or where there is no Will, ‘Letters of Administration’ to collect the estate’s assets, settle any debts and distribute the balance to the correct beneficiaries.

We can handle the whole, or any part, of the administration or simply deal with the application for the Grant, depending upon your wishes and our involvement can reduce the distress and delay which the procedure can cause.

Our experts are also able to provide advice and support if you are unhappy with the intended distribution of a Will and wish to contest either the contents of the Will or the manner in which probate is executed. In such circumstances it is important to urgently seek advice from our contentious probate team.

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