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Police ‘frustrated’ as drink-drive failure rate rises

National figures have shown that the number of under-25s drink-driving has fallen in the last year, bucking a more general upward trend.

The data, published on 30 July, drew together the results of a summer drink and driving campaign involving all police forces in  England, Wales and Northern Ireland between 1-30 June.

Almost 78,000 drivers were stopped and just over 60,000 breath tests carried out. Of the drivers who were tested, 5,085 – or 8.46 per cent of the total – were positive, failed or refused a test, compared with 6.45 per cent during the 2014 campaign.

But among under-25s, the  percentage of the total tested that were positive, failed or refused was  5.97 per cent, down from 7.5 per cent in 2014.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for roads policing, Gloucestershire’s Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, said: “The message that driving under the influence of drink and drugs not being worth the risk seems to at last be getting through to under-25s; we’ve seen a proportional reduction of nearly two per cent in offending on last year.

“It is frustrating that over 5,000 people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland continued to ignore the common-sense advice not to drink and drive – an increase of nearly a thousand exceeding the limit/failing to provide, on last year’s figures, despite fewer tests overall being administered.   

“I urge everyone planning to go out and enjoy themselves to never, ever drive under the influence, whether that night or the following morning.”

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