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Palmers solicitor hits the airwaves

Palmers Solicitors’ Lara Murray was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Essex’s morning show to discuss discrimination law.

Speaking to Dave Monk, Basildon-based Associate Solicitor Lara was asked if race discrimination was still common. Lara commented that in comparison to other claims of different kinds which she handles, there are comparatively fewer race discrimination claims.

The BBC presenter asked what discrimination is and Lara explained that there are different types of discrimination but that the most obvious form would be what lawyers call ‘direct’ discrimination. This is where a person compares themselves to someone else in arguing that they have been treated less favourably than that person and the reason for them being treated that way was because they possess a particular protected characteristic, such as age, sex or race.

Lara went on to say that where most claims fail is in establishing causation between the less favourable treatment and their protected characteristic. Dave Monk responded by asking how people can prove discriminatory treatment. Lara commented that if at any time there is a comment made or something occurs that does not seem right, a person should make a note of it in a diary so that they have a record of who did what and when, which may be very important at a later date.

This is the second interview that Lara has been invited to participate in with BBC Radio Essex, having first tackled the subject of zero hours contracts in February 2015.

Lara is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and has experience in a wide range of employment matters. At Palmers Solicitors she advises both employers and employees from various industries on all employment issues.

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