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On the spot fines on way for driving too long

HGV drivers are set to face on the spot financial penalties for driving beyond their permitted hours.

Following a consultation held last year, the Department for Transport announced in November that it planned to introduce the legislation necessary to introduce the penalties by the end of October 2015.

The new move will help the authorities to take swift action against foreign truckers without a valid UK home address, by allowing them to impose financial penalties rather than taking them to court.

The proposals – which would mean officers could issue a penalty for offences committed up to 28 days after an offence – would also allow enforcement of the new HGV road user levy for similar periods. The levy was introduced earlier this year to ensure foreign hauliers make a fair contribution towards UK revenue.

A Department for Transport spokesman said: “Tired drivers are more prone to accidents, which is why there are limits on the number of hours hauliers can drive. Sadly a selfish minority ignore this, putting others’ road safety at risk.

“The option to issue a fine for this offence would provide an effective weapon in the fight against irresponsible driving by both foreign and UK drivers.”

Jeremy Sirrell, a partner at Palmers whose expertise includes representation in health and safety prosecutions, said: “Tiredness is a significant cause of accidents.

“Employers of professional drivers need to pay close attention to hours worked, to ensure that drivers do not exceed permitted hours, which could put their employees and others at risk and expose them to risk of prosecution.”

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