Ms C S – Dartford - Palmers Solicitors

Ms C S – Dartford

Helen Jago – My contact with Palmers Law and particularly with Helen Jago was initiated through my role as Executor with regard to the Will of a deceased friend. During my first visit I was impressed with the service and information I received which led me to request a change in my Will. Following this I instructed Helen to process Power Of Attorney for both health and wealth. My experience has been a very professional approach accompanied by a helpful and empathetic attitude. I recommend the Company to a family member who was having difficulty locating a Solicitor who could provide assistance with a matter. He consulted a Solicitor within the same Company but based at a different office and he was delighted with the service also. He described the two previous Solicitors he had consulted with the person at Palmers as “chalk and cheese”. The help from Palmers was detailed, knowledgeable and presented in a way which made him feel valued.