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Mr G Balmer, Grays

Brooke Barnes – In an age of declining customer service it is refreshing to realise that excellent service is alive and well in the form of Brooke Barnes. From our initial contact to date (a period of 17 weeks so far) Brooke has been the consummate professional and has inspired confidence in me as a client. Her efficiency – and that of her assistants – has been exemplary and has put to shame professionals from other companies with whom we have transacted. Not only would I have no hesitation in recommending Brooke and Palmers to friends and colleagues – I already have done so on many occasions. It is a sad indictment of the current state of affairs that so few “professionals” have achieved the level of professionalism and efficiency that Brooke has attained. She is a superb asset to Palmers and as a result of her performance, we have already given further business – in the form of updating our wills – to Palmers and shall continue to do so. Many thanks Brooke.