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Minister pledges to ease teachers’ workload

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has pledged to make it a priority to reduce teachers’ workload.

Speaking at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham on 30 September, she said she sympathised with teachers “working late into the night marking books, planning lessons, preparing for inspections that may or may not come. I don’t want my child to be taught by someone too tired, too stressed and too anxious to do the job well.”

Her comments came as a survey by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) revealed that 90 per cent of teachers had considered giving up teaching during the last two years because of their workload.

NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “Nicky Morgan’s pledge to prioritise reducing teacher workload is a welcome move. How that will be done and when are the questions we will be seeking answers to in talks with government.”

“Nicky Morgan recognised in her comments that an exhausted, dispirited teacher is not what children or parents want or deserve. Over the next few weeks the NUT will see what action Nicky Morgan is prepared to take to bring about very significant change.”

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