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Meeting the cost of an employment dispute

Becoming embroiled in a dispute with a current or former employer, for example, in relation to unfair or wrongful dismissal, redundancy, non-payment of wages or even bullying or harassment, can be stressful enough. Fear of the cost of legal representation can add to that stress and prevent people from pursuing the matter further.
Whilst, in some cases, a person wishing to bring or defend a claim might need to meet their legal costs from their own funds, there are alternative methods of funding the matter available to many. Most solicitors will offer a fixed fee initial consultation at which they can address not only the prospects of success in connection with any such claim, but also advise on possible methods of dealing with the costs, including what are commonly known as ‘no-win no-fee’ arrangements and insurance-based options. It is important to note that insurers will usually only agree to cover any costs from the point at which it becomes necessary to issue an actual claim and not before.

Whilst many insurers will ask you to use one of their panel solicitors (who may be based in a different area of the country) they will often, if asked, allow you to choose your own solicitor. Choosing a local solicitor is the preferred choice of many clients, as it enables them to receive face-to-face advice from the solicitor directly responsible for the progression of their case, rather than having to rely upon telephone helplines and other non face-to-face advice.
With over 20 years’ experience assisting and supporting individuals with Employment Tribunal claims and advising on all aspects of employment law, Palmers can not only provide you with expert advice to guide you through your employment dispute or Tribunal claim, but can also help you decide the best way for you to fund that legal representation.
If you need any help or assistance with regard to bringing or defending an employment claim or just require some basic initial advice, please visit our website or contact one of our fee earners.