School admission appeal support from Palmers Solicitors

Lifeline for school admissions appeals from Essex solicitors as offers reach inboxes

Lifeline for school admissions appeals from Essex solicitors as offers reach inboxes

As families across Essex and beyond eagerly await offers of secondary school places, Palmers Solicitors is offering specialist support with admission appeals.

The firm, which operates across five offices in Essex, acknowledged that school offers can be a time of heightened stress for parents and guardians – particularly for those of the 16.7 per cent of pupils who are not offered a place at their first-choice school.

“We understand how frustrating, disappointing and disruptive it can be for parents, guardians and pupils themselves if they aren’t offered a place at the school of their choice,” said Colin Adamson, Solicitor at Palmers Solicitors.

“We also know that the majority of decisions like this are taken fairly and after due consideration. However, a proportion of admissions decisions may have unfairly disadvantaged families and pupils.”

The firm urges parents or guardians to familiarise themselves with admissions criteria for their local admitting authority, whether that be the local authority or a managing trust.

If parents feel that these have not been followed, or that their child has been discriminated against under the Equality Act 2010, the firm has advised parents may be able to open a school admission appeal.

Experts in Palmers Solicitors’ education team can assist families with the school admission appeals process – including identifying and presenting Grounds of Appeal, gathering evidence and presenting cases to an appeal hearing.

“We can offer a helping hand through the entire process,” said Colin. “It can be highly overwhelming to parents and families when challenging an admissions decision, but ultimately for the good of the child.

“I’d like to invite any parent who feels that their child has been unfairly disadvantaged in the admissions process to reach out to us – we can make sure that your child has not been put at a disadvantage by discrimination or a failure to follow published guidance.”