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IP’s importance highlighted amid continental change

The Alliance for Intellectual Property (IP) has added the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) to its ranks as Europe’s Digital Single Market looms.

The Alliance works to ensure that IP rights are valued and demands a legislative framework that reflects IP’s economic contribution to the UK. PPA, which itself represents the interests of more than 200 companies, is the Alliance’s 24th member.

Richard Mollet, Alliance chair, said the relationship came at a time when EC proposals for a Digital Single Market were gathering pace. Calling for Government support for IP, he said the task was to ensure that publishers got the most out of any change across the continent, rather than fall foul of it.

Among the companies that PPA represents are consumer magazine publishers, business-to-business data providers and small independent publishers. The sector employs 185,000 people and contributes more than £3.5bn to the UK economy.

Matthew Johnson, a specialist in IP at Palmers, said: “This relationship underscores the importance to the economy of those who create, own and distribute IP – it is the foundation of many of the UK’s business success stories.

“It also highlights how things are always in flux. One only has to look at the proposed Digital Single Market to see that the certainties and practices of 2015 may be outdated by the end of the decade.

“In light of all this, creative companies should know that Palmers is as committed to protecting their ideas as they are. We offer a dedicated service that addresses a range of IP issues. For more information, please contact us.”