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Food safety

Businesses in the food industry operate in a highly regulated sector and must work to complex and demanding rules on safety and standards.

Palmers Solicitors in Essex are specialists in advising food businesses on the wide-ranging safety and hygiene issues contained in legislation including the Food Safety Act 1990, which aims to ensure that all food produced for sale is safe to eat, reaches quality expectations and is not misleadingly presented, and food regulations, covering issues including food labelling, food hygiene and temperature control.

With magistrates’ courts able to impose a fine of up to £20,000 per Food Safety Act offence and a prison sentence of up to six months – and with potential penalties rising to jail terms of up to two years and/or unlimited fines if a case goes to Crown Court – food-related businesses need to be sure they stay on the right side of the law.

By seeking our advice at the earliest opportunity, we can use our experience to provide practical solutions to firms facing action by food safety authorities with the aim of avoiding prosecution wherever possible. Our food safety specialists provide services including:

  • advice on food safety legislation;
  • food complaint investigations;
  • verbal or written warnings issued by local authority enforcement officers;
  • improvement notices;
  • emergency prohibition notices; and
  • representation in food safety prosecutions.

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