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Going green on patent applications

Innovative businesses should make the most of a green channel that helps speed up the patent process for eco-friendly ideas at no extra cost.

Accelerated processing of a patent application can be requested under the green channel if the invention relates to a green or environmentally-friendly technology.

The benefits of this service were highlighted by intellectual property minister, Baroness Wilcox, who praised Gordon Murray Design for its use of the green channel.

This has allowed the small company to get its product off the ground faster and go on to produce low-cost, environmentally-friendly cars, which use recycled plastic bottles in the cars’ body panels.

She said: “It’s tremendous to see how an idea has been turned into an actual business product swiftly and efficiently. By using the green channel, an environmentally-friendly idea and novel approach to manufacturing is being brought to market quickly, helping to deliver real value and growth to a typically inventive small British firm.”

Protecting your intellectual property, and maximising its economic potential, is important for all companies. However, intellectual property issues can be confusing, particularly for small businesses with limited resources.

Taking the appropriate steps to protect intellectual property, with the assistance of legal professionals specialising in this field, is likely to prove a wise investment for the future, so please contact us.