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Family law support

Family law support

The Coronavirus lockdown has, inevitably, placed additional pressure on family relationships. In some cases the stress of spending more time together will have proven to be the final straw and for some people this may have placed irreparable pressure on a marriage.

As family lawyers we are still here to help and assist you to begin the separation process. We can give you all the information you need to understand the legal implications of any steps you are considering.

While the lockdown is in place, we can take instructions and provide advice either over the phone or using the full range of video calling apps in place of a face-to-face meeting during this time.

As the restrictions are lifted, we can arrange face to face meetings and also discuss a range of options including mediation if you would like to explore this.

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Domestic abuse

Please note that if you are at home with an abusive partner, the Government has stated clearly that you may leave the home to travel to a place of safety and that this will not contradict the Stay at Home advice. Our specialist family law team are here to provide emergency legal support for any individual who is at risk from domestic abuse.