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‘Facebragging’ blamed for relationship breakdowns

‘Facebragging’ blamed for relationship breakdowns

Envying the lifestyles of others is nothing new. The warning not to ‘covet your neighbour’s Ox’ is, after all, as old as the Bible itself.

However couples’ desperate attempts to keep up with the Jones’, which can lead to marital tensions, have taken on a more insidious turn with the phenomenon known as ‘Facebragging.’

The constant pressure to lead a near-perfect lifestyle, including the latest trappings of success and a glamorous spouse – all paraded on social media platforms such as Facebook, for others to admire – is apparently leading to marital disharmony.

Surjit Verdi, a specialist in family law with Palmers, said: “It could be said that the issue of the ‘grass being greener’ is nothing new as a factor in marital breakdown. However, the volume and frequency of the ‘apparent perfection’ of other couples’ lives, which can be viewed on social media, as well as in lifestyle and entertainment magazines, is now being blamed as one of the reasons for divorce.

“Relationships are being put under pressure as dissatisfied spouses look online and see other people’s lives which, in many cases, are literally too good to be true.

“This perception that they have not managed to achieve domestic perfection is seldom the only reason for considering a divorce but the constant pressure it creates, intensifies existing tensions or cracks in relationships.”

Surjit added: “In such situations, couples may not have properly communicated their hopes, aspirations and fears with each other, which has led to a breakdown in the relationship. Before heading to the divorce court, other options should be explored, including mediation which can provide an alternative for couples who are genuinely seeking to resolve their differences and move forward.”

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