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Expert advice helps residents to victory

Basildon residents have triumphed in a battle with their local council over renaming their estate, with the help of Palmers’ partner Jeremy Sirrell.

Residents of the Five Links Estate in Basildon challenged Basildon Council’s plans to rename properties in Somercotes, Mellow Purgess and Newberry Side, using a flowers theme, and to renumber 533 properties in the streets.

The Council wanted to make the changes as part of a redevelopment of the estate, saying that as a number of properties had been demolished during the process, the renaming and renumbering was “essential in order to re-establish a coherent numbering system and to integrate the new and existing properties”.

Residents opposed the change, fearing that if the renaming went ahead it could lead to problems and confusion over addresses, and took the case to court.

It was heard at Basildon Magistrates’ Court in April, where Jeremy Sirrell represented the Five Links Residents’ Association. He pointed out that residents from 422 out of the 533 homes had signed letters of objection to the council’s proposals.

The presiding judge ruled in favour of the residents and also decided that the Council should pay the residents’ association’s legal costs in bringing the action.

Jeremy Sirrell said: “This was a most unusual case and a great outcome for the residents of the estate. The roads will retain their current names and the court fees have been covered by Basildon Council.

“Such disputes arise from time to time and can usually be resolved in an informal manner but sometimes legal expertise is called for and can make a significant difference to the outcome, as this case demonstrates.”

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