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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts

Did you know that all employees should be provided with a written employment contract or statement of particulars within 2 months of the start of employment? 

A good employment contract is essential for defining the rights and responsibilities of your employees and what is expected of them. Whilst setting out the key basic information such as salary, working hours, holiday entitlement and notice periods they can also offer an employer a means of protection by including confidentiality agreements, restrictive covenants and non-compete clause which shall be enforceable on your employees when they leave.

We have particular expertise in preparing and advising on employment contracts for all kinds of businesses and employees in order to tailor the contract to your needs. You will also have the assurance that the contract is compliant with the law thereby reducing the risk of reducing tribunal claims and ensuring consistency between employees by having a standardised template.

We are also able to draft and update employment policies and procedures including equal opportunities policies, disciplinary and grievance procedures and company handbooks.

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