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Driver with 29 points keeps licence

A takeaway driver has been allowed to keep his licence, despite his clocking up 29 penalty points.

The BBC reported that 44-year-old Ala Udin admitted motoring offences including driving with a defective tyre, speeding and two counts of having no insurance when he appeared before Aberystwyth magistrates on 16 January.

He already had 11 points on his licence and received 18 more for the new offences, which will stay on his licence for four years. Udin, of Ffos-y-ffin, was also ordered to pay £616 in fines and costs.

Magistrates decided not to disqualify him after Udin told the court that he would lose his job if he lost his licence, leaving him unable to pay his mortgage and his family potentially homeless.

Jeremy Sirrell, Palmers’ road traffic offence specialist, said: “Losing your employment or livelihood as a result of losing your driving licence may, in some circumstances, amount to exceptional hardship, which could enable you to retain your licence.

“However, every case will turn on its individual circumstances and robust and detailed evidence will be required to show why a driving disqualification should not be imposed. For more information on how Palmers can assist, please contact our Road Traffic Offences team.”