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Portia, South Essex Law Clinic

Colin Adamson – I wanted to personally extend my deepest gratitude for your dedication and exceptional contribution to the South Essex Law Clinic. Your commitment to providing legal guidance and support to those in need has truly made a profound impact within our community. Understanding the demanding nature of your caseload I am truly impressed by your willingness to allocate time and energy to the fortnightly appointments. Your expertise has provided invaluable assistance to both the clinic and its clients. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your remarkable efforts and support. Your dedication to serving our community through the South Essex Law Clinic has not gone unnoticed. Thank you once again for your outstanding contribution. Should circumstances permit in the future, I would be honoured to collaborate with you again.

Ms S S, Basildon

June Adams & Colin Adamson – Thank you for putting me in touch with Colin, he is lovely, supportive and understanding.  Colin and June have made the situation far less stressful, reassured me that I am not alone, nor my situation unique and offered advice based on honest personal experience, so a big thank you.