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Arranging child contact amicably and affordably in time for the summer holidays

By Kevin Double

With the school summer holidays looming on the horizon, many separated parents are likely to encounter disagreements about contact arrangements for the holiday period.

Regardless of their circumstances, all parents want to be able to spend time with their children during the holidays and it can be a costly process to resolve such disputes through the courts.

In light of this, it is best to try and make arrangements in advance, reaching an amicable agreement to ensure that all parties can enjoy spending valued time with their children.

This can be achieved through effective correspondence and communication between the parties or, if that fails, through mediation sessions or asking their respective solicitors to attempt to resolve matters through correspondence.

It helps if parties can take into consideration each other’s plans and work commitments, discussing these as soon as possible to reach agreements on their respective dates for summer holiday contact.

This should not be left to the last minute, and neither party should book any holidays or pre-plan any arrangements until there is a firm agreement in place.

When a holiday booking is made, the parties should provide one another with details of accommodation, flights and proposed contact with the other parent via email, telephone or other means whilst the child is abroad.

Children nationwide are currently counting down the days to their summer holidays, and parents can ensure an enjoyable holiday for all by ironing out any problems as soon as possible and making sure that arrangements are made in good time.

At Palmer’s Solicitors, we specialise in helping couples to quickly, affordably and amicably reach the agreements that suit them.

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